World-Class Gas Detection Solutions

Since 1989, McNeill International has been a world-class supplier of calibration gas cylinders, gas detection sensors and calibration gas regulators. We are gas detection specialists here to help you.

Calibration Gas

As a leading calibration gas supplier, McNeill International provides the highest quality products and unmatched customer service to our clients. Our extensive cal gas experience allows us to offer the best prices and the fastest shipping possible in this highly competitive industry. We’ll save you time, we’ll save you money, and we’ll save you headaches when you’re looking for specialty calibration gases made to NIST standards.

Gas Detection Sensors

As channel partner for City Technology and Sensoric, the world’s leading providers of life-saving gas sensor solutions, McNeill International offers the widest variety of gas detection sensors in the world. We’ve been working with electrochemical sensors for over 40 years, and we have unparalleled experience and knowledge providing award-winning gas detection sensors.