Calibration Gas Store

An Industry Leader in Calibration Gas

McNeill International is an industry-leading calibration gas supplier offering specialty gas mixtures made to NIST standards for a broad range of applications. We have highly competitive prices on a wide range of gas mixtures in a variety of cylinder sizes, and we also have the ability to source and deliver custom gas mixtures as well. 

Calibration Gases

Calibration Gas Cylinders

Our complete line of calibration gases includes the following convenient, disposable cylinders sizes:

Bump Testing:  for All Non-Reactive Gases plus H2S, and SO2:

  • Bump-It (30+ tests)
  • 10 Liter Trigger

Steel Cylinders: for non-reactive gases17 Liters – CGA 600 fitting

  • 17 Liters – CGA 600 fitting
  • 34 Liters – CGA 600 fitting
  • 103 Liters – C-10 fitting
  • 221 Liters – CGA 165 fitting ( C-10 adapter available)

Aluminum Cylinders: for reactive and non-reactive gases with a C-10 fitting:

  • 34 Liters
  • 58 Liters
  • 105 liter – C-10 fitting
  • 116 Liters

Accessories and Regulators

If you require a different gas, concentration or cylinder size, please give us a call. Quantity discounts are also available.

Call: 1-800-MCNEILL (626-3455) or 770-664-7278